OMG - Obey My God - Our Sunday evening program is designed for 5th Grade thru High School students. We plan all sorts of events and trips! Get in on the fun.


Meets Sunday Evenings 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

We follow the Sarasota County School Calendar.  Join us in the fall!!!


Food - Fun - Fellowship

Bring your friends.

Sunday School for ages 5 and up during the school year at 9:45 am

Join us for Confirmation of 8 of Our Youth on

Sunday, October 30 @8:30am Worship


At Emmanuel Lutheran Church we are always adding fun events for our youth to take part in both in our local community and within the Christian community across the globe. Camping trips, dinners, festivals, parenting classes, youth trips, parades, vacation bible school, and youth & Sunday School are just a few things we offer. 

Some Youth Activities

Youth Group OMG 2
Youth Group OMG 1
Tent classroom
Clay pots 5
Opening Drama
Lesson 1
Break Time 7
2 Work Day #1
3 Work Day
1 Set
Pastor Ceasar 2
Donkey & goats
Manger good
empty stable
Angel to Mary
Pies #6
Pies #5
Pies #4
Pie distribution #1
Pies #3
Pie distribution #2
Pies #1
Pies #2
Float #5
Christmas Float #2
Christmas Float #4
Christmas Float #1
Youth Group OMG Cami
Youth painting 5

Sunday School

 Join us each Sunday this fall at 9:45 am for fellowship and to hear God's word. Special activities are planned weekly. 

Youth Group

 Join us each Sunday this fall from 5pm-7pm for fellowship and to hear God's word. Special activities are planned weekly. 

Confirmation Class

Pastor Hall will be holding a Zoom class each Wednesday evening beginning in the fall. Contact the office for more information.


June 5th-9th, 2023


Go off-road for a Monumental adventure through the colorful canyons and sunbaked trails of the southwest.