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Pastor Livenson Lauvanus

Contact Pastor Livenson Lauvanus at

Our support is CRITICAL to the success of the Lutheran Church of Haiti. We have a Covenant (agreement) with Pastor Lauvanus. We provide his only support and he comes to preach as conditions allow. Because he is a citizen of Haiti, he does not qualify for support by the wider church as a Missionary. As a result, the wider church cannot support him. CLICK HERE to learn more about our mission in Haiti. CLICK HERE for the latest update from Pastor Livenson.



Bohdan Hroboň - President of CCE

For 40 years, due to the communist regime, people in Slovakia could not freely adhere to Christian principles, let alone acknowledge Christian education as an important value. The life of the church was narrowed to ministry by pastors only. Lay ministry was unwelcomed and any efforts in the area of church growth were stopped radically. Due to the damaging effects of communism on people´s belief system, many families have almost completely wandered away from the church. Spiritual poverty and lack of values has become a common feature in many lives.  So in 1998 CCE was established. The Center for Christian Education is a place where the people of all ages can learn and experience the love of Christ. We wish to spread the gospel in the post-communist part of the world and to reintroduce a church which is faithful to its calling and relevant in today´s society. We aim to do this via excellent quality education focused on theology, social ministry and mission. As the war in Ukraine continues, CCE has assisted with refugees of all ages.

CLICK HERE for more information.    CLICK HERE to get an update.

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