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One of the pictures of Jesus in my imagination has him standing tall with both arms extended wide on both his left and right sides.  I can see the holes from the nails in his hands.  His face has a broad smile.  His eyes shine with grace and love.  He says but one word – Welcome!

Following the lead of Jesus, the people of Emmanuel Lutheran Church extend our arms to welcome you.  As the interim pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran, I add another voice of welcome.  One of my favorite hymns is, “All Are Welcome.”  When we say ALL, we mean ALL.  Saints and sinners of all kinds are welcome to help us “build a house where love can dwell and all can safely live.” 

The purpose that guides everything we do at Emmanuel Lutheran is "To Know Christ and Boldly Make Him Known.”

We never get to the place where we can know Christ completely.  We are a people on a journey where we learn from Jesus how to love ourselves and our neighbors, how to forgive, how to show mercy and kindness, and how to walk humbly with God.  Our goal is to provide opportunities to help each one of us to know Christ, to know the power of his forgiveness and the hope of his resurrection.

The precious gift of God’s unconditional love is not a gift for us to keep for ourselves.  We want the world, and especially the part of the world that is our neighborhood, to also experience the grace we receive from God.  We seek to be bold in making Christ known.  While there are many wonderful evangelism and outreach ministries of Emmanuel, we also understand that each member of our congregation is an ambassador of Christ in whatever homes or neighborhoods or workplaces or circles of relationships the members participates.


Come and join us on the journey.  May the light of God’s love shine in and through our lives together so that we may give glory to God.

Grace and peace,

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